ICBIX Co., Ltd. (Inter Connected Businesses Internet Exchange) was established in 2010 as a Taiwanese conglomerate headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Since conception, ICBIX has rapidly evolved as a competitive player in the local digital infrastructure market. With properties extending into cloud networking, data analytics and creative media, ICBIX has the capacity to effectively distribute information globally.

ICB IXFabric™ is at the core of the ICB Platform and is the framework of the ICBIX infrastructure. IXFabric™ is a dynamic and scalable server deployment and management neural-network. IXFabric™ analyzes pricing schemes and automatically deploys distributed servers to effectively leverage network performance.

ICBIX FabricNAT™ enables you to peer with our virtual internet exchange systems, hosted dynamically across carrier neutral and redundant service providers. With FabricNAT™, IP-masking allows you to customize your peering experience and configure branding on your subnet ranges, this allows you to operate a professional network while slashing costs of conventional market peering with other internet exchanges.

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